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International Phone Cards

Want cheap calls?
cheap Calls from 24 countries freefone access.
cheap Calls to and from Europe, USA and Australia!.
A Great Card to use at home and away.


Cheap International Calls

Want cheap International calls?
EUtalk offer cheap International Calls under 5p/m.
A cheap International Calls breakthrough!.
Sign up for cheap International Calls to your friends overseas.
(see the list)

Card 4 Anywhere

  • A travel phone card for all nations.
  • Cheap calls Wherever-You-Are and Wherever-You-Go
  • Call Australia from any European Country UK5p
  • Call from UK with Numero-Uno as low as 1p
    1p to: Oz, NZ, EU, USA, China, Japan ...

Euphony Communications

  • Free UK national calls All Day - 60 min per call.
  • Free calls to Ireland from UK.
  • 5p calls to Australia, Europe and USA
  • £7.25/month for the UK only service
  • Add £1/month for the International service



  • Card4anywhere works from every country !!
  • Toll Free and/or City Access available from over 25 countries.
  • Now has CallbackSMS and eCallback options for true global access.
  • See the low rates on the banner calculator.
  • Minimum order value on our store is £9 (around $15).

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